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Aquapon­ics is the fu­sion of aqua­cul­ture (rais­ing fish) with hy­dro­pon­ics (grow­ing plants in wa­ter in­stead of soil). The fish’s waste fer­til­izes the wa­ter used to grow the plants, al­though the fish and plants live separately. Ben­e­fi­cial bac­te­ria break down the waste into nu­tri­ent-rich com­po­nents the plants use to grow. The plants, in turn, nat­u­rally fil­ter the wa­ter for the fish. Be­cause this in­te­grated sys­tem is set up in an en­vi­ron­men­tally con­trolled green­house, crop pro­duc­tion and fish har­vest­ing can take place all year long. It takes nine to 11 months for the tilapia to go from 1-gram fry to 2-pound fish ready to fil­let, cook and eat, Bonny Good­e­nough says.

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