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A Company That’s Making the World More Agreeable



More than 585,000 customers—from local businesses to the world’s largest enterprise­s—rely on Docusign to make executing contracts, leases, and other agreements simpler, faster, cheaper, and paper-free. And the esignature pioneer adds to its track record of innovation with the Agreement Cloud, a suite of applicatio­ns and integratio­ns that automates how companies prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. This integrated cloud platform makes it easier for customers to handle every aspect of those agreements—and it helped the company land the No. 5 spot on Fast

Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in the Workplace category.


“You tell someone you work at Docusign and most people—and I really mean most—will say, ‘I love Docusign,’” says CEO Dan Springer. He and the team call the feedback “love stories.” Hundreds of millions of people use the product, and many associate it with positive milestones like buying a new car or home or accepting a job offer, Springer explains.

The love stories spurred the company’s growth. Founded in 2003, it took off after real estate brokers adopted the solution to get all parties to “sign on the dotted line.” Those signing the contracts took notice, too, and sought to use esignature in their own businesses. Today, companies in almost every industry use Docusign. COO Scott Olrich calls that growth “Act One.” Act Two started in 2018 after

Docusign went public, and the team declared a new mission: make the company, and the world, more agreeable.


Innovation is often inspired by customer feedback. This was how Docusign learned more about how the steps before and after a document is signed were causing friction for companies.

Docusign designed the Agreement Cloud to automate and connect every phase of the agreement process. Businesses can now negotiate, redline, and execute a sales agreement; finalize an employee offer letter; or automatica­lly collect payment at the time of signature—all from within the Agreement Cloud. “We brought the same magic and ease from esignature to every step of the agreement process,” Olrich says. “If you love us for electronic signature, you will love us even more for this.”

Making the world more agreeable also means protecting the environmen­t. Docusign processes are inherently environmen­tally friendly and have replaced an estimated 20 billion sheets of paper since 2003. Last year, the business donated $1.5 million to organizati­ons working to preserve the world’s forests through the Docusign for Forests initiative. As more businesses adopt the Agreement Cloud, the company’s positive environmen­tal impact will naturally increase.

“It’s a privilege to lead a company that helps organizati­ons to be easier to do business with, easier to do business for, and easier on the environmen­t,” Springer adds. “The Agreement Cloud enables us to increase the scale of that impact—so we think the best is yet to come.”

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