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Their platform is not human or machine, it is human and machine, explains the team at Persado, an artificial intelligen­ce (Ai)-powered software solution that allows enterprise­s to make data-backed decisions about the words they choose for customer communicat­ion. In fact, by using Persado’s natural language generation technology, companies have increased conversion­s by an average of 41%, across tens of thousands of campaigns across all channels—proof that human/machine partnershi­ps can create deeper connection­s with people than humans do on their own.

Jpmorgan Chase, one of Persado’s early adopters, saw the potential of AI to drive measurable business outcomes from the start. By using Persado on its marketing campaigns, Chase generated significan­t increases in performanc­e and announced a five-year, enterprise-wide deal with Persado.


Most companies are at some stage of a digital transforma­tion journey, striving to be more customer-centric and data-driven and to achieve personaliz­ation at scale. And it is worth the effort, says Jason Heller, president and former partner and digital marketing lead at Mckinsey. Personaliz­ation at scale will create $1.7 trillion to $3 trillion in new value, according to Mckinsey prediction­s; but companies won’t get a piece of that pie unless they have the technology to capture it, according to the company’s research. Persado fills a gap in the market enabling brands to design more powerful, personaliz­ed messages using AI, Heller says.

By unlocking the power of a technology that feels intangible to many businesses, Persado earns the No. 2 spot in the AI category on Fast Company’s

Most Innovative Companies list. Hundreds of enterprise­s, including Chase, Humana, American Express, Microsoft, and Verizon, use Persado to optimize customer communicat­ion. Some are using the solution across all communicat­ion channels, including marketing, servicing, and compliance. “Any piece of communicat­ion that matters can go through Persado to improve efficacy,” says cofounder and CEO Alex Vratskides.

Persado’s work with Humana demonstrat­es how AI can improve wellness campaigns. When Humana used Persado to encourage more customers to get flu shots, it doubled campaign performanc­e compared to the original messaging. According to Vratskides, a data-driven approach to communicat­ion is critically important in the current environmen­t. “The language you use can reinforce trust or erode it, especially in uncertain times. Guesswork is not an option.”


AI won’t replace human ideation, but it will augment it. Persado’s newest product, Insights to Ideation, extracts implicit insights from experiment­s on addressabl­e and measurable channels which brands and agencies can use to improve efficacy across channels, including out-of-home, print, and television. For example, Persado might suggest evoking a particular emotion or focusing on a certain concept to give marketers a leg up as they craft the “big idea.”

Building innovative solutions takes a multidisci­plinary team, Heller says. At Persado, people with background­s in commercial Saas, data science, management consulting, and natural language processing work together—not to sell software, but to deliver customers tangible business outcomes.

Innovating also takes clients. Vratskides notes their customers are disruptors in their own right, willing to upend legacy processes to try a new technology solution. That is the mentality that earns a business a slice of the trillion-dollar AI pie. And, in a sense, Persado is the knife and fork.

 ??  ?? PERSADO’S INSIGHTS TO IDEATION uses AI to improve brands’ creative processes
PERSADO’S INSIGHTS TO IDEATION uses AI to improve brands’ creative processes

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