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The best frog­gers

I know stack big bul­lies by the dozen all sum­mer long, and their tool of choice is an over­size gig with plenty of reach. To build your own, start with a heavy-duty, fivetined fish­ing spear­head that’s 6 to 10 inches wide. Out of the pack­age, these spears aren’t very sharp, so hone the points and open the barbs. Next, get a 4- to 6-foot-long wooden broom­stick. The longer your gig shaft, the more reach you’ll have, which comes in handy when frogs hold high on the bank. And un­like the metal tele­scop­ing rod on some com­mer­cial gigs, the wooden han­dle will float if your rig goes over­board. Wa­ter and weather can splin­ter the shaft, so ap­ply a few coats of wa­ter­proof­ing wood stain. Fi­nally, drill a 3∕8-inch hole on the han­dle end for a lan­yard made of high-vis weed­whacker line and at­tach the metal gig head with a wood screw. Even the big­gest bull­frog won’t kick off of this baby, and the gig will last for years.

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