Give Trout the Jit­ters

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Mouse flies at night might be all the rage these days, but what if you can’t even cast a fly line 20 feet in daylight? Grab a spin­ning out­fit and tie up a Jit­ter­bug. These clas­sic top­wa­ter lures were made for bass, but if you know where to cast one, a big, mean brown trout will get sucked in by that un­mis­tak­able gur­gle as fast as an old buck­et­mouth.

Jit­ter­bugs shine on calm wa­ter, and lucky for you, quiet pieces of river with a lit­tle bit of depth are prime late-night trout-feed­ing haunts. Fo­cus on the heads and tails of pools and long stretches of deep, slow wa­ter that don’t seem to have a lot go­ing for them dur­ing daylight hours. Re­mem­ber: Big browns might not live there, but they’ll travel a good dis­tance to dine there at night.

To mimic a live mouse try­ing to swim in the cur­rent, launch up­stream and as close to the op­po­site bank as pos­si­ble and reel slowly. You want the lure to make a sweep­ing arc as it moves. And if you hear the sur­face erupt or even just hear that gur­gle stop, wait for the rod to load be­fore you swing.


Top Se­cret This bass lure nails trout too.

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