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Three things I ab­so­lutely won’t leave the truck with­out are a map, com­pass, and flash­light. Two oth­ers I usu­ally bring are a fire starter and space blan­ket. The first three should get you out of the wilder­ness 99 times out of 100. And the last two will keep you alive the one time they don’t.


I keep two guns in my truck, ready to go. One of them is a Rem­ing­ton 7600 car­bine in .30/06 with a peep sight. The other is a scoped Brown­ing A-Bolt Mi­cro

Mi­das in 7mm/08. I pre­fer to have a scope, but if there is any bad weather, I’ll go with­out it. And you don’t need a scope to shoot a big buck at 40 yards.

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