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$3,000 • us.leica-cam­era.com

This lat­est Geovid mates Leica’s vivid im­age qual­ity with an up­graded rangefinder that is more pow­er­ful and pre­cise than pre­vi­ous mod­els. The stylish body ge­om­e­try gives this 10x42 ex­cel­lent in-hand bal­ance. When you bring the op­tic up, your eyes seem to fall right into the view. The con­trols on the Geovid are silky and pre­cise as well, mak­ing ex­tended glass­ing ses­sions a joy.

The rangefinder works out to 3,000 yards un­der ideal cir­cum­stances, and well beyond a mile (1,760 yards) even in less-than-ideal con­di­tions, such as light pre­cip­i­ta­tion. Bal­lis­tic data can be loaded into the unit to give the user a shoot­ing so­lu­tion in the viewfinder as well. Air tem­per­a­ture and pres­sure sen­sors and an an­gle in­di­ca­tor on the unit help with those cal­cu­la­tions. Yes, it car­ries a hefty Eu­ro­pean-op­tic price tag, but this 10x42 is among the best big-game hunt­ing bi­nos that you can hang around your neck.

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