Field and Stream

Just for Laughs

- —D.E.P.

Classic one-liners from the pages of F&S. Then, back-page icons Ed Zern and Bill Heavey face off—and exit laughing.


humorous story is told gravely; the teller does his best to conceal the fact that he even dimly suspects that there is anything funny about it.”

That may explain why the best humor writers are not themselves a bundle of yuks. Ed Zern was reserved; he laughed very seldom. Bill Heavey’s usual demeanor is that of a vulture whose most recent meal is not sitting well.

Personalit­ies aside, hunting and fishing lend themselves to humor better than any other sports I can think of. When was the last time you heard a tennis story that made you wet yourself? Come across any really funny golf stories lately? Hockey jokes? I have no idea why this is, but the truth of it is indisputab­le.

There’s one more quote that belongs here: It is said to come from a distinguis­hed actor named Edmund Gwenn who, as he lay on his deathbed, was asked how things were going. “Dying,” he said, “is easy. Comedy is hard.”

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