Field and Stream



As we put together this anniversar­y issue’s cover story, “Modern Classics,” we relied heavily on help from our legendary rifles editor,

David E. Petzal, who first joined the magazine on May 28, 1972.

CK: What’s your earliest memory of FIELD & STREAM?

DEP: I saw my first copy of the magazine in 1953 in Simon’s Sweet Shop in Shrewsbury, N.J. The earliest issue that I bought and still have was August 1956, which was an African hunting special. I was already a Robert Ruark fan, and it was full of him.

CK: As you went back and read through old stories for this issue, what era of the magazine impressed you the most?

DEP: The 1950s, when I was just starting out in the outdoors, and everything was magical. The guys who wrote for the magazine then were all my heroes. They still are.

CK: Got any prediction­s for the 250th anniversar­y of FIELD & STREAM?

DEP: I doubt I’ll be working on it.

And paper will have gone the way of dinosaurs by then. Except for books.

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