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Bergara B-14 Rimfire

- —J.B.S.

Just in time to take advantage of the growing interest in precision rimfire shooting, this new Bergara is an absurdly fun heavy-barreled .22 that can be used in long-range rimfire competitio­n, as a trainer for practical rifle competitio­n, or for smoking squirrels and tin cans on the other side of the field. The rifle’s 10-round magazine mimics AICS magazine dimensions, loads easily, and functions very well. The action is smooth, and I can vouch that it runs more reliably than your grandma’s Honda Accord. The adjustable stock has dual swivel studs on the fore-end for a bipod and sling, and it is also equipped with a number of QD cups. The muzzle is threaded for a suppressor or brake.

$1,150 • BERGARA.COM

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