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Ravin R29X

- —W.B.

Few products have sent the competitor­s a-scrambling quite like Ravin crossbows. They have establishe­d a new standard for power and accuracy in an amazingly compact package, thanks to the company’s HeliCoil cam system. And this year’s R29X is the best Ravin yet, weighing 6.75 pounds and measuring a mere 6 inches wide when cocked. My test bow sent the supplied 400-grain finished arrows downrange at an average speed of 456.5 fps (producing 186 foot-pounds of energy), and it shot 0.7-inch groups at 50 yards from a bench. The newest Ravin is a lot like the ones before it, but it has some key improvemen­ts, including a new cocking system that is safe and easy to use for both cocking and de-cocking and eliminates the boat-trailer ratchet sound of previous models. The R29 isn’t cheap, but if you’re shopping for a high-end crossbow, this is the best one money can buy for 2020.


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