Field and Stream

“Mauled by a Grizzly”

- —Ray E. Deardorf, September 1934

One arm lay twisted and useless. My skull was bared to the bone, and a piece of scalp had been jerked loose and flung from the bear’s jaw, while a larger piece hung over my face.

Fully conscious now but not daring to move a muscle, I heard the broad pads of the animal softly crushing the swamp grass as it moved away. It stopped. Somewhere within a few yards the bear stood silent and watchful. Hardly daring to breathe, I waited.

Then suddenly, with a bloodcurdl­ing roar the cunning beast made another rush at me—a ruse to betray me into action. But I made no move, and the bear slid to a full stop against my body. Its hot, rancid breath blew into my face as it searched for a vestige of remaining life, while I endured the most terrible suspense of my life.

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