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The B&C book’s earliest 200-plus-inch whitetail was taken by Howard Eaton in 1870. The South Dakota whopper measured 2506⁄8 inches and would have been a world record but wasn’t officially scored until 1988.


The first whitetail to break the 300-inch mark was found in Portage County, Ohio, in 1940. Known as the Hole in the Horn buck, the giant scored 3282⁄8 and portended the Buckeye State’s future trophy potential.


The 300-inch mark was reached again in 1981 with yet another found buck, the now-famous Missouri Monarch—a 3337⁄8-inch colossus that remains the club’s all-time No. 1 nontypical whitetail to this day.


The first decade of the new century saw two new worldrecor­d bucks, both legendary nontypical­s: Tony Lovstuen’s 3075⁄8-inch Iowa stud (above), taken with a shotgun, and Mike Beatty’s P&Y-record 294-inch Ohio giant.


The hunter-killed nontyp world record was toppled twice. Stephen Tucker’s 3157⁄8-inch Tennessee stud shocked the hunting world in 2016, then was bested in 2018 by Luke Brewster’s 3277⁄8-inch Illinois monster (above).

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