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The good, the bad, and the future


In regard to “The Future of Scale Modeling” in the January/February 2023

FineScale Modeler, I’d like to say that the future will be dependent on modelers and the industry. Both of them have an equal stake in the hobby, so both have much to gain and much to lose.

The internet has given modelers the advantage of finding and buying pretty much anything they need in kits, accessorie­s, and modeling supplies. At the same time, the local hobby shop has one thing that the internet doesn’t — the personal touch. The hobby shop has always been a place a modeler can get valuable informatio­n, tips, and advice from other modelers. Even with the internet, that first-hand knowledge is invaluable.

In regard to the models themselves, Gundam models are a branch of the hobby that has taken off. Kids who scoffed at model building now find it a good way to get introduced to the hobby, which could lead them to go beyond the Gundam series to other subjects. If that happens, it gives older modelers the chance to share their knowledge of what they do, and how to do it. It might also give older modelers the opportunit­y to try something that doesn’t require research to get things right, giving them an opportunit­y to use their imaginatio­n and build something creative.

To sum up, the future of scale modeling is looking pretty good. – Daniel Burkett Keansburg, N.J.

Ed.: Thanks for your thoughts, Daniel. I don’t disagree that there is plenty of room for new modelers to learn from those who have been doing it awhile. But I think that exchange can go both ways, and I don’t think it is predicated on Gundam modelers building planes and tanks. Exposure to well-built and finished models, whether the subject is historical or fantastica­l, drives creativity and advances the hobby.

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