Camo Job with Duracoat Aerosol

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Keep It Safe

Make sure that if you are work­ing on a firearm that it is un­loaded and safe to han­dle.

Prepa­ra­tion is Key

The bet­ter the ob­ject you in­tend on coat­ing is pre­pared, the bet­ter the out­come. This is a ba­sic tenet of many DIY projects; it is no dif­fer­ent here. We went ahead and stripped the old parts of pre­vi­ous coat­ings as much as we could and then washed and then wiped down the up­per and its parts with Duracoat’s Trus­trip cleaner and de­greaser. It's key to get as much oil, lu­bri­cant and old paint off of your parts as pos­si­ble, as any rem­nants can ruin your new coat­ing on con­tact. A bead blaster would come in handy for this, but un­for­tu­nately we didn’t have one avail­able.

Mask the Es­sen­tials

If you can, strip the gun down to just the parts you want to paint. What­ever you can’t dis­as­sem­ble, tape up with painter’s mask­ing tape. Be sure to also tape any holes or ar­eas that you do not want paint to get into.

Ac­ti­vat­ing the Mix­ture

Duracoat Aerosol comes as a two-part mix­ture in a sin­gle can. The bot­tom of the can fea­tures a valve that when pushed down on with a red but­ton that is pro­vided in the spray can’s cap, re­leases the hard­ener into the can with the rest of the Duracoat coat­ing. A whole lot of shak­ing is in­volved in mix­ing the two to­gether. Aah, lis­ten to that sweet rat­tling sound!

Base Coat

For best re­sults, hang your parts with wire like you would get from a wire coat hanger. This way you can spray all around the item. For the camo scheme we wanted to achieve on our up­per re­ceiver, we first sprayed a base coat of a color called Un­der­brush. We sprayed a few rounds of thin, light mists, paus­ing five min­utes be­tween each coat. If you’re only look­ing to coat your gun or part with a sin­gle color, you can skip to Step 10. If you’re in­ter­ested in see­ing how we did our camo job, con­tinue on to the next step.





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