Camo Job with Duracoat Aerosol

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Camo Mask­ing

Af­ter al­low­ing the base coat to dry suf­fi­ciently to be han­dled—duracoat says one hour should be enough for light han­dling but rec­om­mends a more com­plete dry­ing, i.e., “overnight”—we pro­ceeded to mask out our camo scheme. We free-styled the mask­ing by lay­ing down blue painter's tape in ran­dom an­gles and lengths all over the hand­guard and up­per re­ceiver.

Sec­ond Coat & Mask Again

To get our sec­ond color, we sim­ply re­peated Steps 4 and 5. This time we sprayed a color called Park­er­ize and af­ter wait­ing for it to be dry enough to be han­dled, we masked the parts again us­ing ran­domly cut strips of mask­ing tape.

Third Coat & Un­mask

For our third coat, we sprayed Matte Black. Af­ter it was dry, we care­fully stripped all of the mask­ing tape off. As you can see, we ended up with a tri-color paint scheme which looked pretty good, but we weren’t quite done just yet.

Mist­ing & Re­assem­bly

To soften up the harsh edges of the painted shapes, we care­fully misted (sprayed at dis­tance) both Matte Black and Olive Green colors onto the hand­guard and up­per re­ceiver. Be very care­ful not to overdo it! Af­ter wait­ing for it to dry at least overnight, we re­assem­bled the up­per re­ceiver. See? No artis­tic talent re­quired!

Cur­ing Time

Be aware that Duracoat is air-cured and will gain most of its fi­nal hard­ness, elas­tic­ity and chem­i­cal re­sis­tance over a two to three week pe­riod and will be­come even more durable over time.






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