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01. Bat­tl­box / AR500 4-Inch Gong Tar­get

Bat­tl­box is flat-out cool, and here’s how it works. It’s a monthly sub­scrip­tion ser­vice in which they send you a box of an as­sorted num­ber of sup­plies—emer­gency sup­plies, hik­ing es­sen­tials, bushcraft, EDC gear, watches, back­packs, knives, shoot­ing ac­ces­sories, etc. Ba­si­cally, they cover ev­ery­thing an out­doors­man digs. For your view­ing plea­sure, here we’re rockin’ the gongs from the box we re­ceived this month. Shoot­ing­tar­ makes them, and they will last for­ever with hand­gun ammo. When you hit them, which we oc­ca­sion­ally do, they ring like a bell. The AR500 steel de­flects the bul­lets with ease, and they are CNC laser-cut, which means su­perb qual­ity.

MSRP: $24.99-$149.99 BAT­TL­BOX.COM

03. Nanuk / 935 6 Up Pis­tol Case

Like its big “brother,” the 935 6 Up Pis­tol Case— which fea­tures closed-cell PEF foam—is su­per solid, it is con­structed with pre­ci­sion, the seal is tight and it gets the job done. The case pro­vides stor­age for as many as six hand­guns and 10 sin­gle- or dou­ble-stack mag­a­zines. You can also cus­tom­ize this a lit­tle. Sim­ply re­move the cen­ter foam in­set and re­con­fig­ure the case for four hand­guns and a stor­age area for ac­ces­sories. If you’re won­der­ing, it will ac­cept 1911s. It also has two re­in­forced eye­lets for lock­ing, so you can se­cure, store and trans­port your guns with­out any worry. The in­te­rior di­men­sions are 20.5 inches long, 11.3 inches wide and 7.5 inches high, and it is made of NK-7 resin.


05. 5 Stone Prod­ucts / Pis­tol Mask

“Con­cealed in plain sight.” That’s what 5 Stone of­fi­cials say about their IWB hol­ster. They also say it’s de­signed for those who don't want to change the way they dress, just to con­ceal their weapon. When wear­ing the Pis­tol Mask, it ap­pears that you have a cell­phone on your waist. It even has a cam­era lens, speaker, vol­ume but­tons and power plug. The way it is de­signed gives the im­pres­sion that it is too thin to be hold­ing a weapon. And how about the draw? Ex­e­cute a quick tug on the front panel, as that over­rides the mag­netic clo­sure and re­leases the spring-loaded pan­els to open flat against your body. The Pis­tol Mask is ad­justable to fit dozens of the most pop­u­lar sub-com­pact pis­tols in 9mm, .40 cal­iber and .45 cal.



02. TOPS Knives / Op­er­a­tor 7

From top to bot­tom, TOPS nailed it with this knife. Not only is the name awe­some, but the 12.50-inch knife has clas­sic Amer­i­can “fight­ing” knife aes­thet­ics. And it’s also a work­horse. The dif­fer­en­tially heat-treated blade, which is made of 5/16-inch thick 1075, is im­pact re­sis­tant on the edge and has a strong spine. The handle is tan can­vas Mi­carta on the bot­tom and black G10 on top. Com­bined, that means you’ll have a grip and a half. The en­tire handle is more than an inch thick, so it will feel like you’re got a hand­ful of ax or hatchet. If you need finer cuts, TOPS has you cov­ered, as the fin­ger choil al­lows you to get great pre­ci­sion.


04. Nanuk / 990 Cus­tomiz­able Ri­fle Case

Blame it on dead­lines. This box ar­rived, and it sat in our of­fice for a few days. Fi­nally, we opened it, and we’re glad we did. The 990 fea­tures out­stand­ing con­struc­tion, it’s solid, the seal is tight seal and it’s cus­tomiz­able. It also fea­tures two spring-loaded han­dles and zooms around on polyurethane wheels. It is wa­ter­proof and is equipped with four Pow­er­claw latches, in­clud­ing 2 TSA keyed locks. The in­te­rior di­men­sions are 44 inches long, 14.5 inches wide and 6 inches high. It weighs 17.8 pounds, and the in­ter­nal vol­ume is 2.21 cu­bic feet.


06. Allen / In­ter­cept Tac­ti­cal Pack

There’s also some­thing al­lur­ing about back­packs. Ya know what we mean? Allen’s In­ter­cept Pack is a 2,500 cu­bic inch ca­pac­ity, hy­dra­tion-com­pat­i­ble bag with in­ter­nal com­part­ments, mul­ti­ple ex­ter­nal ac­ces­sory pock­ets and an ex­ter­nal MOLLE web sys­tem. The En­dura fab­ric con­struc­tion makes it rugged enough that you could prob­a­bly run it over in a tank. Its di­men­sions are 18.5x16x10 inches.

MSRP: $64.99-$74.99 BYALLEN.COM

07. Honey­well / Im­pact Sport BOLT

What is it about elec­tronic hear­ing that is so amaz­ing? The en­gi­neer­ing? Yes. The qual­ity? No doubt. And these score 10s in both cat­e­gories. These muffs ac­tively lis­ten and au­to­mat­i­cally shut off am­pli­fi­ca­tion when­ever harm­ful sound lev­els are reached. They block any noise, con­tin­u­ous or im­pulse, 82 db or higher. To enhance low-level sound, the Bolt em­ploys built-in mi­cro­phones that am­plify range com­mands and other am­bi­ent sounds. No­tice that the slim de­sign makes this a ver­sa­tile ear­muff for most shoot­ing en­vi­ron­ments. They also have a 4-hour auto shut-off that pre­serves bat­tery life.


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