Firepower - - NEW AGE -

This hand­held ther­mal unit will fit in your pocket (it’s not de­signed to be mounted on a firearm) and can iden­tify ob­jects out to 600 yards, thanks to a 206x256 ther­mal sen­sor with 240x204 px. The LTO Tracker has six dif­fer­ent color pal­ettes and func­tions in tem­per­a­tures rang­ing from -4 de­grees to 140 Fahren­heit. The startup time for the Le­upold is less than 3 sec­onds, and the CR123 bat­tery is good for 10 hours of con­tin­u­ous use. This light­weight, com­pact ther­mal is per­fectly sized to fit in the pocket of a vest or hunt­ing coat and it is durable enough to with­stand tough con­di­tions. MSRP: $909.99


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