01 Meal/diet Se­lec­tion

Your food in­take dic­tates your sports per­for­mance (even pro­fes­sion­als would agree) and that in­cludes the shoot­ing sports. Whether you’re a pro­fes­sional, semi-pro, novice or recre­ational com­pet­i­tive shooter, proper food in­take will help you fuel your body and en­dure a full day (or some­times more) of shoot­ing. Bring enough food that will last you the whole event. Con­sult with a nutri­tion­ist when­ever you de­cide to go on a diet plan.

02 Do’s and Don’ts

I bring my own food and drink. I don’t change the usual food I eat on the eve or day of the event, and I don’t eat the food pro­vided by the event. Here’s why. While par­tic­i­pat­ing at an event, I de­cided not to eat the BBQ they pro­vided be­cause it just didn’t look ap­pe­tiz­ing to me. Well, the rest of the shoot­ers who con­sumed the food ended up sprint­ing to­ward the porta-pot­ties about an hour after their meal and could not con­tinue the event. Fi­nally, I don’t pack food that spoils eas­ily (usu­ally any­thing with mayo).

03 Meal Fre­quency

I gen­er­ally eat a healthy meal. In­stead of eat­ing three full meals a day, how­ever, I por­tion about four to six meals a day. This works for me, but each per­son is dif­fer­ent.

My meals con­sist of a bal­anced por­tion of carbs, pro­tein and fat. And these por­tions are about the size of my fist. Do I get hun­gry fast? Yes. I snack in be­tween my meals. I snack on trail mixes, beef jerkies (low sodium) and dried fruit snacks.

04 Drinks/hy­dra­tion Se­lec­tion

Wa­ter … and it’s cheap! You have got to keep your body hy­drated. I stay away from car­bon­ated and/or caf­feine drinks. Car­bon­ated drinks make my blood su­gar jump and drop. I drink black cof­fee only in the morn­ing, but will only take small sips just to keep me up but not jit­tery.

I take sports drinks like Ga­torade or Pow­er­ade once in a while if I am sweat­ing pro­fusely, but I will di­lute them with wa­ter. But, the best for me is Pe­di­a­lyte. It’s way bet­ter than these sports drinks. It pro­vides more elec­trolytes and sodium, which are great for re­hy­dra­tion. Don’t wait un­til you’re thirsty to drink; that’s too late!

My rule of thumb is to drink half a bot­tle of wa­ter ev­ery hour. This keeps me hy­drated and does not fill my blad­der right away. I also pre­fer to drink cold wa­ter.


Food stor­age is very im­por­tant. Im­proper food stor­age could lead to bac­te­ria on your food or fast spoilage. I in­vested in a qual­ity cooler for food and drink stor­age. I bring a cooler to ev­ery event I go to. A good qual­ity cooler can keep your food and drinks cool through­out the day. I pack Blue Ice Blocks (in­stead of ice) on the bot­tom and on top of my food and drinks. Food tem­per­a­ture is key to keep it fresh and avoid bac­te­ria build­ing, which could get you sick dur­ing and/or after the event.

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