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If you like to be or­ga­nized, you’ll flip for Grey Man.

The Grey Man Tac­ti­cal line of prod­ucts is built around rigid MOLLE pan­els de­signed to take the jum­ble of equip­ment you use on pa­trol, de­ployed or in the field and keep ev­ery­thing or­ga­nized and within easy reach. Whether it is your MRAP, pa­trol car, com­pe­ti­tion Pel­i­can gear case, hunt­ing back­pack or ev­ery day carry bag, ev­ery­one has the po­ten­tial to suf­fer from a squir­rel’s nest of gear clump­ing into a tan­gled pile.

Rigid MOLLE pan­els give users a va­ri­ety of uni­ver­sal-sized pan­els that fit on ve­hi­cle seat backs, Pel­i­can (or other) gear case lids, back­packs and any­where else you can think to mount them.

With the abil­ity to in­ter­face any of your Molle-com­pat­i­ble gear with the Rigid MOLLE Panel, the cus­tomiza­tion op­tions for your mis­sion are end­less.

Cur­rently made of HDPE poly­mer, most of their pan­els fea­ture a blend of stiff­ness, dura­bil­ity and duc­til­ity, which of­fers a rigid mount­ing plat­form that is shat­ter re­sis­tant. The same duc­til­ity that helps pre­vent shat­ter­ing also al­lows some flex­ing and bow­ing when heav­ily loaded, which is un­de­sir­able in cer­tain ap­pli­ca­tions, such as on a ve­hi­cle seat back.

The most pop­u­lar prod­uct in their line-up is the 15.25-inch x 25-inch Rigid MOLLE Panel with seat mount­ing straps and a ri­fle rack. Mil­i­tary, law en­force­ment, ranch­ers and hun­ters com­monly uti­lize this con­fig­u­ra­tion to pro­vide quick ac­cess weapon stor­age, in ad­di­tion to keep­ing other tools and gear within arm’s reach from the driver or rear seat.

In this ap­pli­ca­tion, users were find­ing some bow­ing was oc­cur­ring when heavy loads were car­ried in the cen­ter of the panel con­structed of HDPE poly­mer. To re­duce this flex­ing or bow­ing, Grey Man had the op­tion of me­tal pan­els or a Glass Re­in­forced Poly­mer (GRP). They chose to create an in­jec­tion mold and uti­lize Glass Re­in­forced Poly­mer to up­grade the Rigid MOLLE Panel to a much stiffer en­hanced ver­sion, now avail­able as the Rigid MOLLE Panel - Heavy Duty GRP - 15.25-inch x 25 inches.

This ver­sion fea­tures ben­e­fits over me­tal ver­sions, in­clud­ing re­duced re­tail price, lighter weight, no con­cerns of dam­age to weapons or other gear and no cor­ro­sion con­cerns. With a sim­ple no drilling/no tools in­stal­la­tion and re­moval that can be com­pleted in less than 60 sec­onds, this stor­age sys­tem en­ables users to se­cure their weapons and gear with­out the trou­ble of per­ma­nent mod­i­fi­ca­tions to their ve­hi­cles.

Al­ready in use with a wide ar­ray of United States and in­ter­na­tional mil­i­tary, fed­eral law en­force­ment and lo­cal law en­force­ment users, this is a com­bat- and field-proven sys­tem for sav­ing lives by de­creas­ing re­ac­tion time when sec­onds count.

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