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Since 2015, when they broke into this mar­ket, Cobalt Kinetics has been one to keep your eye on. Their ri­fles are no­table by their ag­gres­sive de­sign and un­con­ven­tional color pal­ette. The com­pany holds sev­eral patents on tech­nol­ogy de­signed to im­prove shooter com­fort, weapon speed and con­trol. These unique fea­tures like the Dual Drop, CARS and PRO Sys­tem of buf­fers, brakes, grips, stocks and hand­guards have all been tested, proven and en­dorsed by pro­fes­sional shoot­ers, and ac­tive mil­i­tary and law en­force­ment per­son­nel.

That said, where could this com­pany pos­si­bly go from there? New for 2019, Cobalt Kinetics promises an over­all re­design and up­date of their cur­rent BAMF model lineup. The Dual Drop mech­a­nism is more ro­bust and now eas­ily ser­vice­able by the end user.

The hand­guard-to-up­per in­ter­face is al­most mono­lithic — the hand­guard at­taches di­rectly to the up­per’s in­te­gral Tenon. This mount­ing con­fig­u­ra­tion is lighter, more rigid and al­lows for easy re­moval or re­place­ment of the hand­guard or bar­rel with com­mon tools. The hand­guard it­self in­cor­po­rates a full-length Pi­catinny rail atop, while shed­ding some weight and pro­vid­ing bet­ter vis­ual ex­po­sure and heat dis­si­pa­tion for the bar­rel.

The re­ceiver set of the new BAMF ri­fle has been re­con­toured; it has lost some of the sharp edges for which it’s been well­known while main­tain­ing the com­pany’s es­tab­lished aes­thetic.

Other sub­tle changes al­low the up­per and lower to now line up and look good on a con­ven­tional forged up­per or lower, should the user need to make a swap for what­ever rea­son.

The stock — formerly milled from solid bil­let — is now a mod­u­lar de­sign. This fills the gap be­tween the orig­i­nal one-piece bil­let EDGE fixed stock and the cur­rent PRO ad­justable stock. The mod­u­lar­ity of the new stock al­lows for an in­ter­change­able cheek rest and buttplate. The com­pany promises to of­fer var­i­ous lengths and heights (in­ter­change­able, not ad­justable), in both alu­minum and poly­mer for weight sav­ings.

Cobalt con­firms that they will con­tinue to of­fer their old-style stocks, grips, and hand­guards as ac­ces­sory items for the DIY crowd. The new fur­ni­ture and re­ceiver sets should be avail­able as ac­ces­sory parts later in 2019.

Also, soon to make its de­but is the BYOBXL (Build Your Own BAMF- Xtra Large). This is Cobalt’s su­per-sized ver­sion of their DIY ri­fle chas­sis kit. It will ac­com­mo­date car­tridges in the Creed­moor fam­ily, those based on the .308 Winch­ester, and even the WSM and Rsaum-based cham­ber­ings.

The BAMF-XL was well re­ceived at SHOT 2018. Con­tin­ued de­mand from do-ity­our­selfers has fi­nally con­vinced Cobalt to make the BYOB-XL hap­pen.

Cobalt re­leased a line of com­pli­ant ri­fles and re­ceiver sets ear­lier this year, known as the “27.” These AR-15 vari­ants fea­ture a rad­i­cally swept grip that sat­is­fies le­gal cri­te­ria in states with firearm re­stric­tions. The model 27 ri­fle is a proper ri­fle, built at Cobalt Kinetics. It is of­fered in four trims that ap­prox­i­mate the fea­tures and kit of the pop­u­lar BAMF mod­els. The Forged Up­per Con­ver­sion Kit is a lower re­ceiver kit, com­plete with the com­pli­ant stock assem­bly that will ac­cept any brand AR-15 style up­per re­ceiver for uni­ver­sal ap­pli­ca­tion.

Stop by their booth to see what’s go­ing on.

Cobalt, known for its un­con­ven­tional color chart, will un­veil a num­ber of items at SHOT, in­clud­ing a hand­guard that fea­tures a full-length Pi­catinny rail. The hand­guard is lighter and pro­vides bet­ter vis­ual ex­po­sure and heat dis­si­pa­tion for the bar­rel, com­pany of­fi­cials told us.

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