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Can a diet trick ease allergy symptoms?



I feel like my pollen allergies are even worse than usual this year—the stuffiness and itchy eyes are running me into the ground. Is there a natural fix that can help?


Absolutely! We recommend a two-pronged approach to instantly ease symptoms and dial down allergy triggers to provide sustained relief:

First, enjoy two to three daily servings of foods rich in pantotheni­c acid (like sunflower seeds, salmon, broccoli, mushrooms, egg yolks and avocados). This B vitamin stimulates the adrenal glands’ production of powerful anti-inflammato­ry hormones (called glucocorti­coids) that work to ease nasal congestion, eye itchiness and swelling so you can breathe easier.

Second, aim to enjoy at least two daily servings of quercetin-rich foods. Top sources include grapes, apples, tomatoes and bell peppers. This antioxidan­t acts as a natural antihistam­ine, dialing down output of the inflammato­ry chemicals that trigger allergy symptoms by 96 percent. As a result, the body stops reacting to allergens. Some women find that quercetin is so effective, they no longer need to take an antihistam­ine!

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