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More than a makeover


“I’d been wearing the same long straight hairstyle for more than 30 years, so when my daughter gave me a gift certificat­e to a hair salon for my birthday, begging that I finally update my look, I went into panic mode. My long hair was the only thing that made me feel young and helped distract from my wrinkles and extra chins. But seeing the look of hope on her face, I reluctantl­y agreed.

“The day we went to the salon, I nearly hyperventi­lated. This is a mistake, I’m not me without my

hair! I thought as I settled into the chair. Just as I was about to chicken out, I noticed a young girl having her waist-length hair lobbed off. ‘It’s going to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients, so they can feel so pretty,’ she explained. The room swayed as her incredible kindness sank in. My hair didn’t make me who I am—my heart did. Without hesitating, I told my stylist I wanted to do the same thing.

“Half an hour later, my hair was 10 inches shorter and I’d never felt more radiant. ‘It’s a new you!’ my daughter exclaimed. ‘I feel gorgeous,’ I replied, ‘from the inside out!’” —Jane Snow, 52, Custer, SD

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