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“I bring home $300 a month selling nontoxic cleaning products”


“I work part-time and I was interested in having another stream of income. I learned about Norwex (, a green cleaning-product company, when a friend hosted a party. I loved that the products were chemical-free, especially because I have problems with my lungs and I was sick of inhaling harsh cleaning products. When I saw how easy it was to sell, I

Name decided to become a consultant myself.


“It was free to sign up. City,StateAt the party I bring standard home-cleaning products and demonstrat­e how Norwex cleans more efficientl­y and without toxic ingredient­s like parabens and phthalates. Most of the women at the parties are shocked when they learn how unsafe they really are.

“My parties are usually booked through word of mouth, but I also talk to friends and family about the products and use social media to market my business.

“I spend three to five hours a week on my business and I make between $200 and $300 a month, which I usually put into savings or use to purchase more Norwex products that I would have bought anyway!”

 ??  ?? Brandie Smith, 43,
Anthony, KS
Brandie Smith, 43, Anthony, KS

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