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“I make $280 a week helping people take their medicine”


“Last year I was looking for a new way to make money. When I heard about becoming a GoodStart Mentor for Pleio, a company that partners with pharmaceut­ical companies to help people stay healthy by taking their medication, and that it was a work-at-home position, I was excited. I applied at, and after a phone interview and a background check, I did online training, which I was paid for.

“On a typical day, I call people who recently had prescripti­ons filled. I give them informatio­n about the medication, how to take it and the side effects. The pharmaceut­ical company provides the informatio­n, which I read verbatim from a script. Since I’m not a health-care profession­al, I can’t give medical advice.

“I work 20 to 25 hours a week and my schedule is flexible. I make $280 to $400 a week—money that helps me pay the bills.

“I love that I get to help people every day. I like that I can put them at ease by letting them know they’re not alone.”

 ??  ?? Genni Edwards, 35, Albuquerqu­e, NM
Genni Edwards, 35, Albuquerqu­e, NM

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