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Cheryl’s top stress solutions

Busy actress, wife and mom Cheryl Ladd, 65, shares the wellness strategies that keep her slim, happy and radiant — no matter how hectic life gets


Cheryl Ladd isn’t one to sit still for long. “I’m a doer. I try to do active things all day—even if it’s just cleaning out my closet,” muses the former Charlie’s Angel. “I’ll visit friends, run errands for my mother or reorganize things to get up and about.” It’s that go-go-go attitude that’s sure to keep her energized as she gears up for a hectic spring of launching a homedesign business with her husband, Brian, and promoting her new movie, Unforgetta­ble, in theaters April 21.

As busy as life keeps her, though, Cheryl is working on slowing down every once in a while. “Taking the time to unplug is extremely important,” she says. “Turning 60 caused me to relax about all of it. I don’t mean give up. Quite the contrary. I do some different things now to take care of myself.” Case in point: “In the afternoon, sometimes late in the day when I’ve gotten all my work done, I love to sit and have a glass of wine,” she says. Read on for more of Cheryl’s tips for staying calm amid the chaos.

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