First For Women

A blessed bargain


“As I walked into the grocery store to pick up last-minute items for our traditiona­l Mother’s

Day family celebratio­n at my house, my heart felt heavy. It was the first Mother’s Day after losing my mom, and we’d always done the grocery shopping together. Each time, I teased her about the giant stack of coupons that she’d bring along. I

miss you, Mom, I thought and blinked back tears. “With a deep breath, I grabbed a cart and started my usual route, but something very strange began to happen: In the cereal aisle, I found a stray coupon sticking out from under a row of boxes. Then another coupon floated to the floor in the baked goods section…and another in the snack aisle. Everywhere I turned, there was a rogue coupon—one even stuck to my shoe. Suddenly, I felt my heart fill with joy and I realized Mom was here, loving me and bargain shopping…as always!” —Kate Juarez, 47, Scranton

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