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“I make up to $500 a month selling essential oils”

“I run a social-media company, but I really wanted to do something more meaningful. So I was thrilled when one of my clients told me about an opportunit­y to become a wellness advocate for doTERRA (doTERRA. com), a company that educates people about how to use essential oils. I was already using the oils to quell my anxiety and boost my kids’ immune systems and help them sleep better. So when I learned I could help others achieve wellness through essential oils, and I could make money doing it, I knew it was perfect for me.

“Getting started was simple. I signed up for a membership, which costs $35 a year, and also makes you eligible for discounts on products. Plus, doTERRA provides free virtual training and they gave me a marketing resource kit, fact sheets and a guide to the various oils that I bring to my classes. I even had a mentor who helped me teach my first few classes so I would feel prepared to go out on my own.

“I generally host classes in someone else’s home or at a local tea shop or wellness center. I find most of my clients through word of mouth or when I post on Facebook about how I use essential oils, and I make money when my clients place orders. And if people choose to become wellness advocates themselves, I make a percentage of their sales as well.

“I spend between three and six hours a week on this work and I earn $200 to $300 a month, but I have made up to $500 a month!

“I love that I get to empower people, particular­ly moms, to use essential oils to help their kids feel better and take control of their health. I also love the money I make—extra cash that goes toward bills or the occasional coffee or lunch out.”

 ??  ?? Kate Fitzpatric­k, 35, Ridgefield, CT
Kate Fitzpatric­k, 35, Ridgefield, CT

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