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Bestsellin­g author Sara Gottfried, M.D., shares the simple steps proven to reset your genes for speedier slimming, more energy, a sharper brain and optimal health

Scientists have published more than 53,000 studies on DNA in the past year alone—and what they’re discoverin­g is good news for all of us, says Sara Gottfried, M.D., author of Younger: A Breakthrou­gh Program to Reset Your Genes, Reverse Aging & Turn Back the Clock 10 Years. “I learned in medical school that your genes are set in stone, but what’s new and revolution­ary is that science has revealed you can turn those genes on and off with your lifestyle choices,” she explains. “How you live is more important than your DNA when it comes to how you look and feel now and for the next 25 to 50 years.” Read on to discover the simple steps she says can reprogram your genes to help you look and feel 10 years younger.

Swish with this

Taking care of your teeth fosters longevity. In addition to brushing and flossing, Dr. Gottfried suggests daily oil pulling—swishing 1 Tbs. of coconut oil in your mouth for 5 to 20 minutes. Plaque produces inflammato­ry substances that damage DNA in cells, leading to weight gain. But swirling oil between your teeth triggers an emulsifica­tion process that makes stubborn plaque easier to remove.

Belt out a tune

A fast way to counter stress—and its effects on your genes? Sing, says Dr. Gottfried. When you’re tense, the vagus nerve, which runs from your neck to your gut and plays a key role in how your body reacts to stress, can’t work properly. “If the vagus nerve isn’t happy, you won’t be healthy and are more likely to age faster.” Singing activates the vagus nerve, which shuts off stress genes.

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