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Floral “cupcake” display


This Mother’s Day, floral pros are spreading joy by creating vertical arrangemen­ts that capture the sweet charm of a gourmet bakery display. “Here, a tiered server presents a bright medley of spring blooms popped into cupcake molds,” says florist Deborah Pomroy Moyer. “Between the height, the hues and the playful cupcake vases, this makes an eye-catching focal point. It’s perfect for a party— then guests can take blooms to go!”


Gather 10 to 12 bright silicone cupcake molds (or pop an empty applesauce cup into a paper cupcake liner) Insert a small square of soaked floral foam into each mold. Then snip an array of bright, springtime blooms like muscari, shasta daisies, allium and lady’s mantle to 3 inches. Insert stems into the foam squares, grouping like flowers in the same container, as shown. To finish, arrange cupcake “vases” on each layer of a tiered server.


To extend the life of each “cupcake” bouquet for up to a week or more, florists recommend adding two to three drops of vodka to the floral foam squares every other day. The alcohol suppresses bacterial growth to keep the flowers supple. Also smart: filling a spray bottle with room temperatur­e water and misting the flowers daily, a strategy Moyer says will ensure the blooms stay hydrated.

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