First For Women


Hiking can rev fat burn and balance slimming hormones— and packing these munchies delivers more slim-quick perks


Almonds melt belly fat

The monounsatu­rated fats in these nuts prod muscle cells to preferenti­ally burn visceral fat (the dangerous fat that surrounds the organs), helping to shrink belly inches 56 percent faster.

Dark chocolate blocks fat storage

Powerful polyphenol­s in this sweet treat prevent carbs and fat from being absorbed into the bloodstrea­m and stored as fat—an effect that reduces weight gain by 72 percent.

Raisins boost energy

The resveratro­l in these sweet bites switches on an enzyme that revs the activity of cells’ energy production engines, increasing pep by as much as 180 percent.

The snack mix that delivers all three

In a bag, combine 1⁄4 cup of almonds, 1⁄ cup of dark chocolate

8 chunks and 1⁄ cup of raisins.


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