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While her lunch com­pan­ions chat­ted, nat­u­ral-health ex­pert Naomi Whit­tel watched with sur­prise as molec­u­lar bi­ol­o­gist Elz­bi­eta Janda, Ph.D., took a bite out of the pith of a small cit­rus fruit. That’s the part that I usu­ally re­move, Whit­tel thought, cu­ri­ous as to why the sci­en­tist would eat the bit­ter rind.

Whit­tel was in Italy, learn­ing about the anti-ag­ing ben­e­fits of the cit­rus fruit berg­amot as part of her job as CEO of Re­serveage Nu­tri­tion and Twin­lab. “Dr. Janda ex­plained that the fruit’s bit­ter rind con­tains a high con­cen­tra­tion of flavonoids that ac­ti­vate au­tophagy, the body’s cel­lu­lar clean­ing process,” says Whit­tel. “I was fas­ci­nated. Like many things, au­tophagy be­comes less ef­fi­cient with age. My aha mo­ment came when I learned that we don’t have to ac­cept that de­cline.” Whit­tel went on to work with the world’s lead­ing doc­tors to har­ness the power of au­tophagy—and used her­self as a guinea pig. “My weight was creep­ing up. But when I started do­ing the things that ac­ti­vate au­tophagy, I lost weight, my skin glowed and I looked younger.” Read on for her re­search-backed strate­gies!

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