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Look 10 pounds slim­mer with new body-typ­ing sys­tem

Boost a SLOPED* bust

with a tank bra

The weight from bot­tomheavy breasts can pull them down for a droopy ap­pear­ance. The heft also puts added ten­sion on the bra band, caus­ing it to squeeze skin and cre­ate back rolls. To the res­cue: a tank-style bra. “A wider band of fab­ric be­neath the cups in front ‘props’ up the weight­ier bust,” says bra expert Stephanie Vin­cent, co-owner of The Fit­ting Curve in New York. “And the tank back cov­ers more sur­face area to re­dis­tribute weight and smooth bulges.”

Fill out a SLEN­DER* bust with a grad­u­ated push-up

Weight fluc­tu­a­tions, ag­ing and nurs­ing can all sap vol­ume from an al­ready-slim breast shape, leav­ing them so lax that bra de­tails like the un­der­wire stand out more than the breast it­self. For a

*Breasts are thin and boost, try a bra with “con­tour”

ta­per in to­ward the nip­ple pad­ding, sug­gests Jené Lu­ciani, au­thor of The Bra Book. “The cup pads are thicker at the bot­tom and thin out to­ward the top, push­ing breast tis­sue up and in while filling out the sides to cre­ate the il­lu­sion of fuller breasts.”

Bal­ance an ASYM­MET­RI­CAL* bust

with cus­tom­iz­a­ble pad­ding

It’s a com­mon dilemma: Go­ing up a cup size to ac­com­mo­date the big­ger breast leaves a gap­ing cup on the smaller side; go­ing down a size causes the big­ger breast to bust out of the smaller cup, re­sult­ing in pit pudge. A bra with re­mov­able in­serts will solve the prob­lem. Each side holds a small pad—one can be left in to boost the smaller breast and one re­moved to make room for the big­ger side, says bra expert Stephanie Vin­cent. She rec­om­mends choos­ing a bra that cor­re­sponds with the cup size of your larger breast. Also smart: Look for one with sides that are at least three inches high to en­sure ad­di­tional cov­er­age for any side spillage.

Rein in a SIDE-SET*

with a bal­conette

A wide space be­tween breasts can cause smaller breasts to look as though they are headed in op­po­site direc­tions and larger ones to fall over to the sides, widen­ing the torso and mak­ing the body look heav­ier. To bring way­ward breasts to­gether, opt for a bal­conette-style bra, sug­gests bra expert Jené Lu­ciani. “The shelf-like struc­ture across the bot­tom pro­vides added lift to hoist breasts up while sub­tly padded cups that are high on the sides push breasts in to­ward the cen­ter.”



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