Break free from en­ergy vam­pires

You de­serve to be sur­rounded by those who cham­pion and cher­ish you. Ex­perts share easy ways to fence your­self off from toxic peo­ple

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Ex­hausted. Hurt. Dis­ap­pointed. Frus­trated. Not how you’d hope to feel af­ter in­ter­act­ing with some­one in your life, but cer­tain peo­ple al­ways leave you de­pleted and dread­ing the next late-night phone call, tense meet­ing or drama-filled out­ing.

“Th­ese are ‘en­ergy vam­pires,’ or peo­ple who rely on your em­pa­thetic na­ture to get the at­ten­tion that they thrive on,” ex­plains Chris­tiane Northrup, M.D., au­thor of Dodg­ing En­ergy Vam­pires. She quickly adds that if you’re worried that you’re an en­ergy vam­pire, it means you’re def­i­nitely not—a true per­son of this type wouldn’t care. “En­ergy vam­pires tar­get em­paths be­cause they carry a lot of light from traits like com­pas­sion, loy­alty and a de­sire to be of ser­vice and make the world a bet­ter place.” And be­cause you care so much about everyone around you, it’s tough to walk away—even from those who re­peat­edly cause you pain.

In fact, if an en­ergy vam­pire is in your or­bit, you’ve likely given them the ben­e­fit of the doubt or tried to un­der­stand where they’re com­ing from, but th­ese ef­forts are only hurt­ing you more, warns Dr. Northrup: “Think of your body as a bat­tery with a pow­er­ful elec­tri­cal sig­nal com­ing from your big, com­pas­sion­ate heart,” she says. “Your bat­tery is lit­er­ally be­ing drained over and over be­cause th­ese peo­ple do not change.”

The good news? Ex­perts say it’s pos­si­ble to be au­then­tic to your kind na­ture and pro­tect your­self from un­nec­es­sary drama. To start pri­or­i­tiz­ing your well­be­ing, read on for easy ways to re­sist four com­mon types of en­ergy vam­pires.

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