I lost 24 pounds my first two weeks on the keto diet, but I’m so bloated you can’t tell. What gives?

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It sounds like you need to in­crease your in­take of di­ges­tive en­zymes. Start­ing the keto diet forces the pan­creas to abruptly dial back pro­duc­tion of carb-di­gest­ing en­zymes and amp up out­put of en­zymes that break down fat and pro­tein. But the or­gan can’t al­ways keep up with the body’s de­mands as it makes the switch. As a re­sult, par­tially di­gested pro­tein and fat mol­e­cules can build up in the gut, where bad bac­te­ria feed on them and re­lease bloat-trig­ger­ing gas.

For­tu­nately, it’s easy to flush the bloat and re­veal your slim belly be­neath. The key is eat­ing at least 2 cups of raw green veg­gies daily. The en­zymes and acids in th­ese picks elim­i­nate the undi­gested food par­ti­cles in the gut and lessen the pan­creas’ work­load as it adapts to keto. Many di­eters re­port see­ing 95% flat­ter bel­lies within 24 hours of filling up on raw veg­gies!

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