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I’m fi­nally tak­ing con­trol of my weight and walk­ing around the neigh­bor­hood with my friend be­fore work. But now my heels hurt! Is this nor­mal?

So glad to hear you’re tak­ing steps to a health­ier you! Walk­ing ben­e­fits your heart, lungs, joints and mus­cles, not to men­tion your mood! That said, if your feet are scream­ing af­ter go­ing for a lengthy walk, you may have fat pad at­ro­phy, a com­mon con­di­tion where the cush­ion of fatty tis­sue pro­tect­ing the balls and heels of your feet be­gins to thin with age.

One rem­edy I use reg­u­larly is cold ther­apy: Keep a sin­gle-serv­ing wa­ter bot­tle in the freezer, and af­ter your walk, sit in a com­fort­able chair and roll your foot over the bot­tle. It helps re­duce painful in­flam­ma­tion—and it feels amaz­ing! You may also want to try a sup­port­ive in­sert, like Su­per­feet (Ama­zon.com), which re­duces heel sore­ness by soft­en­ing the im­pact of your foot­falls. If pain per­sists even af­ter try­ing th­ese reme­dies, see your po­di­a­trist for other op­tions. Thank you for hav­ing the courage to talk about cold sores, as 80% of peo­ple ex­pe­ri­ence them! Tooth­paste and salt hap­pens to be an ex­cel­lent home rem­edy for the prob­lem: Salt is one of na­ture’s best an­tivi­ral com­pounds, and sodium lau­ryl sul­fate (SLS), a com­mon in­gre­di­ent in tooth­paste, also has po­tent an­tivi­ral ef­fects. I sug­gest ap­ply­ing a paste made from equal parts non-gel tooth­paste and salt to help dry the wound and pre­vent fur­ther in­fec­tion. The mix­ture is safe to ap­ply at the first sign of a tin­gle or to a ma­ture sore. Just do a patch test on your arm since some peo­ple have an itchy skin reaction to SLS—even if they don’t re­act while brush­ing.

To pre­vent fu­ture sores, ask your doc­tor about sup­ple­ment­ing daily with 1 gram of L-ly­sine (at drug­stores). This amino acid stops her­pes cells from mul­ti­ply­ing.

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