Happy en­ergy all sea­son long!

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CALMS CRAV­INGS: A glass of vino

When cold, dark days put you in hiber­na­tion mode, the drop in phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity low­ers the pan­creas’s abil­ity to pro­duce in­sulin. The re­sult? Blood-sugar swings that lead to carb crav­ings and weight gain. But sip­ping 5 oz. of red or white wine daily can help. Dan­ish re­searchers say com­pounds in wine (called phe­no­lics) cut the risk of pan­cre­atic slow­downs by 45% and prod the gland to up its in­sulin out­put so blood sugar stays steady—and you sidestep win­ter weight gain!

ENDS TIRED­NESS: A pot­ted plant

Re­lax­ing at home is sup­posed to help you recharge, but if you feel more spent af­ter some couch time, formalde­hyde may be to blame. Lev­els of the toxin (which is emit­ted by car­pet­ing and other build­ing ma­te­ri­als) climb in well-sealed homes—and ex­po­sure hin­ders the func­tion of the pi­tu­itary gland, rais­ing the risk of fa­tigue. A study-proven fix: Place English ivy or golden pothos in your home. The plants ab­sorb 75% of a room’s formalde­hyde, revving en­ergy and fo­cus by 30% in 24 hours. Add one 6" house­plant per 100 square feet of space.

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