This sip slashes risk of fatty liver by 65%

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“The health ben­e­fits from drink­ing cof­fee are mind-bog­gling—and the more you drink, the big­ger the ben­e­fits,” says liver spe­cial­ist San­jiv Chopra, M.D. In­deed, stud­ies show risk of liver dis­ease drops 44% among those who sip two cups daily—and up to 65% with four cups. What’s more, says Dr. Chopra, peo­ple with non­al­co­holic fatty liver dis­ease who drink cof­fee reg­u­larly ex­pe­ri­ence less fi­bro­sis, a hard­en­ing of liver tis­sue that wors­ens the con­di­tion. Experts aren’t sure how cof­fee pro­tects the liver, but Dr. Chopra points to com­pounds in the beans that re­pair liver cells and cut lev­els of liver­dam­ag­ing en­zymes. And cof­fee’s perks ac­crue no mat­ter how it’s brewed or served, he adds. (Just skip the su­gar—it can cause the liver to store fat.)

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