Keto slim­down made easy

Sci­ence proves cut­ting carbs and front-load­ing the diet with healthy fats prods the body to burn 10x more fat—and FIRST’s 5-in­gre­di­ent keto cook­book is packed with de­li­cious ways to reap the ben­e­fits

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At the heart of all the “new year, new you” stories that prom­ise to help us slim in 2019 is one re­cur­ring buzz­word: keto. And it’s no sur­prise, given that this low-carb, high-fat way of eat­ing is proven to help women lose up to 22 pounds in nine days with­out de­pri­va­tion or hunger. What’s more, the diet de­liv­ers health perks that have top doc­tors singing its praises. “Keto is good for weight loss, di­a­betes and over­all health,” cheers Eric West­man, M.D., a Duke Uni­ver­sity pro­fes­sor and au­thor of A Low Car­bo­hy­drate, Ke­to­genic Diet Man­ual. In fact, stud­ies show the plan can in­crease en­ergy by 88%,

im­prove sleep by 21%, boost mood by 52% and lower triglyc­erides by 300%.

Just what makes keto so pow­er­ful? In short, it primes the body to burn up fat stores for fuel—so much that keto di­eters’ rest­ing metabolic rates are up to 10 times higher than those who fol­low a stan­dard Amer­i­can diet. “When you’re a carb eater, you’re a carb burner and your brain uses carbs,” says Dr. West­man. “But when you’re not a carb eater, you’re a fat burner and your brain learns how to use fat.”

As ef­fec­tive as keto is, though, many women strug­gle on the plan. Keto di­eters re­port find­ing it daunt­ing to track net carbs and keep them un­der 20 grams a day. They also say it’s tough to hit op­ti­mal pro­tein and fat lev­els—es­pe­cially when start­ing out or when life gets busy. “As far as this eat­ing plan feel­ing com­pli­cated, it’s true,” ad­mits Si­nora Glenn, 48. “It was ex­tremely over­whelm­ing for me be­cause I never had to read la­bels or do cal­cu­la­tions be­fore.” Worse, this con­fu­sion can lead to un­in­ten­tional slip-ups that stall di­eters’ re­sults and de­rail their mo­ti­va­tion. “The most com­mon rea­son peo­ple fail at weight loss is that they choose strate­gies that are too com­pli­cated to main­tain,” ex­plains Adam Nally, D.O., au­thor of The Keto Cure. “Es­pe­cially at first, it’s cru­cial to find strate­gies that feel easy.”

For­tu­nately, experts have hit upon a strat­egy that makes fol­low­ing keto fool­proof: Sim­pli­fy­ing the plan with easy recipes that have just five in­gre­di­ents and fewer than 5 grams of net carbs per serv­ing. “A full 100% of the suc­cess­ful di­eters I’ve worked with have quick recipes they whip up with­out even re­ally think­ing about it,” says Nally. “The keto diet can be so simple, and that gives it an edge over so many other plans.” This strat­egy lets you skip most of the keto math and makes it easy to cre­ate slim­ming meal plans with­out wor­ry­ing about shift­ing your body out of fat-burn­ing mode. That was just the ticket for Si­nora: When she started cre­at­ing simple dishes like poached eggs and av­o­cado on low­carb bread, she lost 6 pounds the first week. “I can make won­der­ful meals with just chicken and sea­son­ing that even my hus­band loves,” cheers Si­nora, who went on to shed 65 pounds and erase her bor­der­line di­a­betes sta­tus. “I fi­nally fig­ured it out!”

Get­ting started on five-in­gre­di­ent keto couldn’t be eas­ier or more de­li­cious! The chefs in FIRST’s test kitchen got to work de­vel­op­ing short­cut recipes to make it eas­ier than ever for busy women to suc­ceed—and came up with more than 39 hearty mains, toss-to­gether sides and deca­dent desserts to jump-start your slim­down. We’ve even done the math for you— just look for the blue bub­bles through­out the cook­book for at-a-glance net carb counts, then mix-and-match recipes on your way to slim­ming suc­cess!

“The keto diet can be so simple, and that gives it an edge over so many

other plans”

—Adam Nally, D.O.

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