Kitchen fix for a slug­gish liver

Ex­haus­tion, weight gain and brain fog kept Chris­tine Trimpe, 51, from liv­ing her best life— un­til she dis­cov­ered the sneaky cul­prit and easy rem­edy that re­stored her en­ergy in just days

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You should go ahead with­out me and have a good time. I’m too ex­hausted…I’ll wait here un­til you come back,” Chris­tine Trimpe told her hus­band, Rob. “We were cel­e­brat­ing our 25th wed­ding an­niver­sary at Rocky Moun­tain Na­tional Park,” she re­calls. “We’d planned a hike, but just a few min­utes af­ter head­ing out I was so over­whelmed with fa­tigue— phys­i­cal and emo­tional—that I couldn’t do it. Rob was dis­ap­pointed, and so was I. We should have been hav­ing fun to­gether. I felt terrible about let­ting him down, and I never wanted him to feel that way again.

Noth­ing left to give

“For three decades, I lived in a con­stant state of ex­haus­tion, and my re­la­tion­ship with Rob wasn’t the only thing that suf­fered be­cause of it. When my two kids were young, it was so hard to be the mom I wanted to be. I never played in our back­yard with them, never went bike rid­ing with them, never bounced on the tram­po­line. They were both ac­tive on travel sports teams five days a week, and I strug­gled to keep up with the com­mit­ments. When they had games, it took ev­ery bit of ef­fort just to carry my chair, walk to the field and watch them play. I feel like I missed out on their child­hood.

“The fa­tigue also kept me from hav­ing friends over. I could barely muster the en­ergy to clean the house for my fam­ily, let alone for com­pany! And although I at­tended church reg­u­larly and I re­ally wanted to serve oth­ers in need, I didn’t even at­tempt vol­un­teer­ing for any­thing be­cause I was al­ways too tired.

“Add in the brain fog that made it im­pos­si­ble to focus at work, the sleep ap­nea that didn’t seem to get bet­ter de­spite treat­ment and the in­som­nia that left me wide awake when I des­per­ately needed to sleep, and

I truly felt like I was fall­ing apart.

“Then things got worse. I started hav­ing in­tense men­strual cramps in my late 40s. I’d been di­ag­nosed with en­dometrio­sis as a teen, but had a pro­ce­dure to re­move my uter­ine lin­ing, so it didn’t make sense that my symp­toms were back.

“I went to my gy­ne­col­o­gist for an­swers, and she or­dered ab­dom­i­nal and pelvic ul­tra­sounds. The re­sults shocked me: I had ovar­ian cysts…and I also had non­al­co­holic fatty liver dis­ease, a con­di­tion where fat ac­cu­mu­lates in the liver so it can’t do its job of flush­ing tox­ins from the body.

“My gy­ne­col­o­gist sug­gested we take a wait-and-watch ap­proach and re­peat the test in three months. I wasn’t sure about that, so I did some read­ing and learned that this is a com­mon ap­proach with ovar­ian cysts since they can go away on their own. But I knew peo­ple who had had fatty liver dis­ease that even­tu­ally lead to cir­rho­sis of the liver, so I didn’t want to wait. The di­ag­no­sis lit a fire un­der me. I needed to find out how to re­verse fatty liver—fast.

Liv­ing life again!

“With a lit­tle re­search, I learned that eat­ing healthy fats helps bal­ance blood su­gar and ‘slim’ a fatty liver, so I im­me­di­ately over­hauled the way I ate. I started fol­low­ing a ke­to­genic diet—low-carb, mod­er­ate pro­tein and high-fat—and I fo­cused on healthy, clean sources of pro­tein like eggs, grass-fed beef and chicken, plus healthy fats like av­o­ca­dos, co­conut oil and grass-fed but­ter.

“I also learned some­thing that shocked me: Many pro­cessed carbs are tainted with glyphosate, an her­bi­cide that may pre­vent liver en­zymes from me­tab­o­liz­ing fat. I had never heard of glyphosate, but I was sur­prised to learn about all the prob­lems it’s linked to. I stopped buy­ing pack­aged pro­cessed foods and breads, and also lim­ited grains to lower my ex­po­sure to glyphosate and other chem­i­cals. I started only shop­ping the perime­ter of the gro­cery store, where I could find the healthy whole foods.

“Within just 30 days, my en­ergy soared, the fog lifted, and I was sleep­ing bet­ter. In six months, the in­som­nia and ap­nea were gone, and within a year, I lost 100 pounds! Even bet­ter: An ul­tra­sound showed I no longer had fatty liver dis­ease, plus the ovar­ian cysts were gone. It was hard to be­lieve that simple diet changes helped me com­pletely turn my health around. The keto diet was the eas­i­est diet I’ve ever done and to­day, it’s my life­style—one I wish I had dis­cov­ered years ago!

“Now that fa­tigue is no longer run­ning my life, I’m un­stop­pable. I serve in my church and write my blog—Joy­fulKe­—to help other women live their best life. And in­stead of miss­ing out on the fun, I travel with my fam­ily and take spe­cial trips with my hus­band, tour­ing cities like Wash­ing­ton, D.C. to­gether. Our mar­riage has never been bet­ter!”

—As told to Julie Reve­lant

Chris­tine Trimpe, Berkley, MI

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