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I looked in the mir­ror this morn­ing and I swear my laugh lines are get­ting deeper and sag­gier by the day! I al­ready ap­ply a wrin­kle­fight­ing night cream be­fore I go to sleep—could a diet tweak help too? A:

For firmer, sup­ple-look­ing skin, we sug­gest a two-pronged ap­proach:

(1) Sip 1 cup of bone broth daily.

This liq­uid gold con­tains hyaluronic

acid. Though the com­pound is usu­ally ap­plied top­i­cally, when in­gested, it helps main­tain skin’s mois­ture and pro­motes a youth­ful glow. In one study, sub­jects saw a 14% de­crease in dry­ness af­ter just three weeks.

(2) Snack on 1⁄4 cup of pomegranate seeds or sip 4 oz. of unsweet­ened 100% pomegranate juice daily. The an­tiox­i­dants and el­lagic acid in pomegranate boost the pro­duc­tion of skin-firm­ing col­la­gen, re­duc­ing red­ness and speed­ing the growth of skin cells. The re­sult: En­joy­ing the fruit can re­duce the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles by 26% in 30 days, and women start see­ing re­sults af­ter just five days.


I lost 23 pounds on keto, but I have a fam­ily his­tory of heart dis­ease. Is keto safe long-term?


Con­grats on your weight loss! We hear your con­cerns, but there’s no rea­son to worry about keto hurt­ing your heart. In fact, a small tweak to the plan can ac­tu­ally im­prove your heart health: Sim­ply in­cor­po­rate more Mediter­ranean-style fats, like salmon, tuna, olive oil, nuts and seeds, into your meals. These foods de­liver omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to pre­vent fat from be­ing con­verted into harm­ful triglyc­erides. The pay­off: This type of eat­ing plan has been shown to de­crease triglyc­erides by 42% and lower heart dis­ease risk by 30%.

An­other boon: Adding more Mediter­ranean fats to your diet can help you slim even faster. In one study, sub­jects eat­ing more of these picks trimmed 4" from their waists, 3" from their hips and 11⁄2" from their thighs in just six weeks. To get the perks, en­joy at least two serv­ings of these foods daily.

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