TO GET FIT FASTER: Put $$$ on the line

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In­stead of fo­cus­ing on pre­vent­ing heart dis­ease or di­a­betes, Cana­dian re­searchers say you’re three times more likely to stick to an ex­er­cise pro­gram if you pay your­self to do it. What’s more, women who put four weeks’ worth of treat money in a jar, then “pun­ished” them­selves by re­mov­ing some of that money if they skipped a work­out, did the best. A Univer­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia study found the threat of los­ing money is a more pow­er­ful in­cen­tive than earn­ing it—a no­tion sci­en­tists have dubbed “loss aver­sion.”

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