“I wake up pain-free and full of en­ergy!”

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“I’m go­ing to stay in the lodge. I think I hurt my an­kle,” fibbed Suzi Con­klin Nance to her fam­ily while on va­ca­tion years ago. Though she’d al­ways loved ski­ing, the fear of fall­ing at her then-weight kept her in­doors. This isn’t the kind of mom I imag­ined I’d be…

Suzi was a self-de­scribed sug­arholic, who hid candy even in her car’s glove com­part­ment. “It was ridicu­lous. My whole life,

I was ei­ther on a diet or beat­ing my­self up for not be­ing on a diet,” she re­veals. “Thoughts of food were al­ways there, like an un­wanted guest I had to ac­com­mo­date.”

Tired of not get­ting help from doc­tors, Suzi be­gan re­search­ing nat­u­ral­heal­ing ap­proaches. “Hyp­no­sis kept com­ing up,” she re­calls, and though skep­ti­cal, Suzi ed­u­cated her­self and per­formed “self-hyp­no­sis” with the mes­sage: “I love ex­er­cise.” She ex­plains, “Trust me, I had never got­ten even one tiny bleep of an en­dor­phin from ex­er­cise. Well, lo and be­hold, I started do­ing six ex­er­cise classes a week and lov­ing it.” Even more sur­pris­ing: She quickly shed 30 stub­born pounds! “It wasn’t like go­ing on a diet,” says Suzi. “Hyp­no­sis un­rav­eled my un­healthy core be­liefs so I could make the right choices.”

Now down 101 pounds and free of chronic pain,

Suzi has be­come a hyp­nother­a­pist serv­ing vet­er­ans.

“I found my pas­sion help­ing peo­ple change be­hav­iors they’ve strug­gled with for decades. I love wak­ing up with en­ergy. The other day I got on a teeter-tot­ter with my grand­kids!”

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