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Opt for “can­celed” trips

“You can get ex­cel­lent last-minute deals by buy­ing flights and ho­tel reser­va­tions from other trav­el­ers who can’t use theirs at sites like and RoomerTrav­ If th­ese peo­ple don’t sell their reser­va­tions, they’ll lose ev­ery­thing they’ve paid for them, and most peo­ple would rather get

some of their money back than lose it all. As a buyer, you’re not only get­ting a bar­gain va­ca­tion, you’re also help­ing out a fel­low traveler.” —An­drea Woroch, money-sav­ing ex­pert at An­

Pin­point ho­tel deals

“A great way to save on last-minute travel is with HotelTonig­ht, a free app that shows the best ho­tel deals avail­able in the next few days. I’ve found lux­ury prop­er­ties at up to 70% off nightly rates. Check through­out the day since new deals con­stantly ap­pear. You can also find deals in the ‘Tonight’ sec­tion at Ex­pe­ Th­ese deals are avail­able be­cause ho­tels would rather fill a room for less than leave it empty.”

—Vik­to­ria Alt­man, travel writer

Keep dates flex­i­ble

“Be pre­pared to travel any day of the week. Flights and ho­tels tend to be cheaper if you’re will­ing to leave on a Tues­day, Wed­nes­day or Satur­day. Many peo­ple don’t have the flex­i­bil­ity to do this, but if you can, you’ll save big. Air­lines like Southwest and Delta of­fer low-fare cal­en­dars on their web­sites; just type in your de­par­ture city and your des­ti­na­tion to view fares for sev­eral dates.” —Jennifer Du­bose, travel writer at Jen­nifer­Du­

Travel where the sales take you

“I ad­vise look­ing for deals rather than pick­ing the des­ti­na­tion, then fig­ur­ing out the cost. A great site for sav­ings: JetSet­ They re­cently had lux­ury ho­tels in Mi­ami for 60% off. Just click on the Flash Sales tab to see the best deals, then act fast, as most are avail­able for a short time. I’ve snagged ou­tra­geous spe­cials to dream des­ti­na­tions for a cou­ple hun­dred dol­lars.” —Jan­ice S. Lintz, travel writer at Jan­ and moder­a­tor of the Face­book group “Trav­el­ing the World”

Con­sider “hid­den city” fares

“You can save on air­fare by us­ing to search for a “hid­den city” deal—a flight that has your des­ti­na­tion as a stopover on a multi-leg flight. In­stead of tak­ing the fi­nal leg, you get off at the lay­over. This can save you $100 or more per ticket. Just be sure you only travel with a carry-on and never book a roundtrip ticket with this method: If you don’t take the sec­ond flight, some air­lines may can­cel your re­turn ticket.” —Mona Corona, travel blog­ger at Mon­

Snag se­ri­ous sav­ings on ho­tel gift cards

“One out-of-the-box way to save on ho­tels is to look for Ho­ gift cards at If you sign up for Amazon Light­ning Deals, you’ll be no­ti­fied when gift cards go on sale. That’s when you’ll find deals like

20% off $100 gift cards that you can use to book your stay. You can even pair th­ese cards with other dis­counts. Check Ho­­tel-deals/ coupon, where you’ll find more deals like 8% off a stay. What’s more, the site of­fers a price guar­an­tee, so if you find a lower price else­where, they’ll pay you the dif­fer­ence.” —Mona Corona

Head away from air­ports for rental cars

“When book­ing a last-minute trip, pick­ing up a rental car at the air­port may seem con­ve­nient, but those lo­ca­tions rou­tinely charge up to 30% more than their in-city coun­ter­parts. Plus, many com­pa­nies will tack on an ‘air­port fee’ for any car rented at an air­port. In­stead, grab an Uber or a taxi and leave the air­port for a dif­fer­ent rental lo­ca­tion, where the sav­ings al­most al­ways make up for the cost of the cab.” —Jake McKen­zie, car ex­pert at Au­toAc­ces­soriesGara­

Search out the low­est air­fare

“An easy way to get alerted to cheap flights is to visit Get The Flight Out (GTFOF­, which fea­tures last-minute deals that can save you up to 80% off of air­fare to many des­ti­na­tions. Check the web­site to view cur­rent deals, or you can sign up to re­ceive the best fares sent straight to your in­box a few times a week. But be pre­pared to act fast, as most air­lines only have a limited num­ber of seats at the sale price, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Also, sites like Google Flights ( and Skyscan­ have tools that help make find­ing the cheap­est last­minute flight eas­ier, in­clud­ing a map that shows nearby air­ports with lower fares.“—Stacy Caprio, money-sav­ing ex­pert at Deal­sS­

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