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Why can’t I focus?


Q:I’ve been so scatterbra­ined recently and can’t seem to focus on anything. A friend asked if I had ever talked to my doctor about ADHD, but I never had symptoms as a child. Could I have it?

A:It’s possible. Attention-deficit/ hyperactiv­ity disorder (ADHD) manifests differentl­y in children and adults: Children may have difficulty sitting still, while adults are often unable to focus. As a result, women don’t consider that they could be affected. I suggest asking your doctor about testing and treatment. In the meantime, these remedies may help:

To start, consider taking 3,000 mg. of the omega-3 DHA daily, a strategy that improved attentiven­ess in people with ADHD by 77% in an Australian study. And 20 minutes of outdoor movement—even walking around your neighborho­od—was found to increase levels of dopamine (a hormone that helps us focus) as effectivel­y as prescripti­on meds. And when lack of focus strikes, Canadian scientists say 10 minutes of deep breathing creates focus-enhancing brain waves to help you think more clearly.

QI’ve been stressed out for months over COVID, worrying that my elderly mom would catch it. Now my hair is thinning.


AYou’re not alone—up to 80% of us are feeling more stressed these days. And months of continuous worry can manifest in symptoms like hair loss. The good news? I can suggest a few ways to soothe stress and thicken your hair.

First, try mixing 3 drops of sandalwood essential oil into your shampoo when you wash your hair. In a German study, compounds in the oil increased the production of hair-growth hormones by 30% in just six days—and the scent prompts the release of brain waves that lower tension in 2 minutes.

Taking some “me time” by reading or playing with a pet can also help, as relaxing reduces levels of cortisol, and high levels can hamper hair growth. In fact, Belgian researcher­s say just 30 minutes of relaxation daily can increase hair growth by 75% within three months!

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