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Say bye-bye to belly fat!


Eliminatin­g an overgrowth of

Candida albicans in the intestinal tract shuts off fat-packing sugar cravings and relieves gut damage to make slimming effortless. And it’s easy to do, thanks to the powerful two-part plan created by Fred Pescatore, M.D. First, you’ll avoid yeast’s food source (sugary carbs). Then you’ll consume tropical oils rich in caprylic acid, which has been proven to speed yeast die-off. “I see patients feel better at the end of the first week,” says Dr. Pescatore, who outlines his yeast-free eating approach in his book The Allergy & Asthma Cure.

On the three-week plan, you’ll skip sugar, as well as food the body breaks down into sugar, such as starchy veggies (like corn and carrots), dairy, alcohol, fruit and grains with gluten. Instead, you’ll enjoy satisfying portions of protein like eggs and turkey, plus low-starch vegetables like broccoli and cauliflowe­r. You can even eat soft cheeses like ricotta, but you’ll avoid hard, aged cheeses, which feed yeast.

For the best results, consider incorporat­ing these savvy strategies:

Answer cravings this way Hunger may spike on the first days on this plan, cautions Dr. Pescatore. “That’s when yeast bugs are starving and dying. They get desperate and send every signal possible to get carbs.” So don’t give the body anything that can turn into sugar. In the moment, reach for satisfying snacks like raw (unroasted) nuts, hard-boiled eggs or seaweed chips. “Not giving in to sweet cravings is crucial to help you break the sugar/yeast habit in those first few days,” says the doctor. He assures, “After 72 hours, things calm down and you’ll feel better.”

Drizzle off fat deposits

To get your daily dose of yeast-killing caprylic acid, use slimming coconut oil when cooking or dressing salads.

Or blend MCT oil powder into coffee and smoothies. Try: Simply GoodFats Creamy MCT Oil Powder ($29 for 30 servings, New

York Times bestsellin­g author and nutrition consultant Naomi Whittel says, “MCT oil is scientific­ally proven to eliminate cravings, raise metabolism and target weight gained in our midsection­s.” Indeed, a Columbia University team found that people consuming MCT oil lost 118% more weight than those consuming olive oil. And Kelly Niklason used MCT oil to get her yeast overgrowth under control when no other product worked. “It left me satiated and helped me eliminate sugar from my diet. It changed my life!”

Consider a supplement

The miracle acid found in coconut oil and MCT oil can also be taken as a supplement in its most concentrat­ed, powerful form. Dr. Pescatore recommends taking 600 mg. twice a day. A brand to try: NOW Caprylic Acid plus MCT oil (

Reseed the gut

With levels of bad C. albicans diminished, you want to restore the “good” bacteria that was crowded out. Dr. Pescatore recommends Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics (VitaminSho­ “It is clinically proven to help restore each person’s individual microbiome.” His preferred regimen: Take five capsules twice daily for the initial two days, then one capsule twice daily after that.

Break from fermented foods Although foods like pickles and sauerkraut are known to promote gut health, Dr. Pescatore suggests temporaril­y avoiding them since they break down into sugars that feed yeast. Also smart: Limit fermented ingredient­s like vinegar and soy sauce.

Slim to your happy weight! After the 3-week plan ends, you’ll be feeling and looking better because you’ve taken steps to tame yeast. If brain fog, skin rashes and weight struggles persist, as is the case for some women, Dr. Pescatore says you may need to repeat the plan to completely heal from systemic yeast overgrowth. (See the yeast self-test at right for guidance.) If you’re ready for maintenanc­e mode, slowly add some yeast-containing non-carby foods like roasted nuts and hard cheeses to your diet. Next, phase in non-yeasty carbs like rice, always paired with protein to balance sugar spikes. In the future, if yeast returns, revisit the plan to regain control.

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