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Double the life of your bra!


A good bra can be pricey, so knowing how to properly care for it will ensure you reap the benefits of your investment for years to come. It’s as easy as following these simple strategies

Wash it with this

Tossing bras in the wash can damage the delicate fabric you rely on for support, but hand-washing can be timeconsum­ing. Instead, place your bra in a salad spinner filled with warm water and 1 Tbs. of baby shampoo; spin for 60 seconds. Dump out the soapy water and refill with warm water; spin again for 60 seconds. The spinning mimics a machine without the damaging speed, and baby shampoo won’t break down fibers like detergent can.

Dry it on a pants hanger

When a freshly washed bra is hung up by wet its cups straps, can the pull weight down on of the straps, heavy, creating tension that stretches out their elastic fast. A better way: Pinch the bra at the bridge (the middle segment that connects the cups together), slide it into a clip on a pants hanger and let dry overnight. This thicker segment of the bra is sturdy enough to resist stretching. No pants hanger? Just lay the bra flat on a towel.

Store it with the ‘standing’ trick

Folding bras can actually cause cups to lose their shape. The fix: Store them upright (band underneath and cup on top), aligning each one against the next with the cups inside each other. What can help? A rectangula­r, slotted drawer organizer (like ORG 8-Section Drawer Organizer, BedBathAnd­, which separates bras and helps them stand straight on their own.

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