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new fat cells that find it easier to stay small.” Here, the two compounds that make all the difference.

Super slimmer #1:


“Turmeric is a rock star when it comes to disrupting inflammati­on that inflates fat cells and drives weight gain in women over 45,” says Spice Up, Live Long author Melina Jampolis, M.D. The spice is rich in curcumin, a compound that forced fat cells to shrivel and die in animal studies at Tufts University. And that cell death leads to serious slimming: In another trial, women who consumed 1 tsp. of turmeric daily shed 760% more belly fat than those given a placebo.

The perks go beyond fat loss: Daily turmeric strengthen­s immunity by 80%, boosts mood by 63%, eases joint pain by 58% and improves “good” HDL cholestero­l by 29%!

Super slimmer #2:


An antioxidan­t found in grapes, berries, dark chocolate and peanuts, resveratro­l is one of the most-studied antioxidan­ts of the past decade. And it’s a pounds-off powerhouse! In animal studies, University of Georgia experiment­s found it stopped fat cells from maturing, which reduced their ability to store fat by 80% and made them disintegra­te 246% faster than normal. And a Japanese study found that taking 100 mg. of resveratro­l daily helped people with type 2 diabetes shed 700% more weight than nonsupplem­enters. “What’s overlooked about resveratro­l is how it handles the stress component of weight gain so we have less belly fat,” says InVite Health’s Amanda Williams, M.D., who takes 100 mg. of trans-resveratro­l (the most potent form) daily.

The anti-inflammato­ry compound also improves insulin sensitivit­y, reduces the risk of heart disease and boosts blood flow to the brain by 200%—an effect that makes it function like it’s 10 years younger!

Combine the 2 and…

fat just disappears!

Decades of research prove the power of each compound. “But nutrients don’t work best in isolation,” says

Dr. Jampolis. “Combining two antiinflam­matory compounds that have different ways of working gives us more potential to be ultra-effective.”

Dr. Pescatore agrees: “These antioxidan­ts complement and amplify each other.” Indeed, studies show supplement­ing with curcumin and resveratro­l creates a synergisti­c effect for even speedier slimming. Says Dr. Jampolis, “Combining them can make any diet work better and give a weightloss boost for someone who is overindulg­ing around the holidays.”

Add in anti-inflammato­ry foods, and “even more magic happens,” says Dr. Jampolis, who created a plan for FIRST that does just that. “It’s possible to feel seven years younger in just seven weeks!” she cheers. One woman shed 16 pounds the first week! Ready to start your slimdown? Keep reading!

“What’s overlooked about resveratro­l is how it handles the stress component of weight gain so we have

less belly fat”

—Amanda Williams, M.D.

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