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“I make up to $150,000 a year selling jewelry on eBay!”


“Fifteen years ago, I was a divorced single mom and I needed to find a way to make money. I worked as a manager of a jewelry department, but realized that wasn’t the life I wanted.

Through the years, I collected rosaries, fine jewelry, DVDs, shoes and purses, and I thought about selling them to simplify my life, make money and help others. Since I had purchased items on eBay in the past, I thought I would try selling there. I listed a few items, and when they sold, I knew it was the perfect opportunit­y.

“I found eBay simple to use. I set up a storefront ( BeccasVint­ageHiddenC­loset), which cost me $75. To sell, I take clear photos of the items using my phone, write thorough descriptio­ns and list any flaws. I find items at thrift stores, estate sales and on eBay,

Etsy and Poshmark. My goal every day is to have 25 items listed. I also include the ‘best offer’ feature, which states the lowest amount I’m willing to take for an item. I often offer discounts for people who buy three or more items. Some items I pay extra to promote and get more visibility, and eBay takes 5% commission.

“I have great feedback—about 4,000 responses—and I have a reputation for being a friendly seller. I also have a lot of repeat customers, some of whom have been around for 10 or 15 years. I love connecting with my customers, and the work is fun and flexible—I can even go on vacation and still earn money! I make up to $150,000 a year. Selling on eBay has allowed me to purchase a home in cash, support my family and take trips with them!”

 ?? ?? Rebecca Mayfield, 59, Warrenton, NC
Rebecca Mayfield, 59, Warrenton, NC

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