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a re­tir­ing heli­copter pi­lot. It’s hard to be­lieve, but they moved into their lat­est house in April 2017, and it looked com­pletely dif­fer­ent. But “I liked that it had a lot of built-ins and that much of the ma­jor work was al­ready done, like the beau­ti­ful floors,” says Mag­gie. She set to work cre­at­ing an ele­gant and eclec­tic in­te­rior de­sign.

“I say eclec­tic, be­cause I don’t think it all has to be one style,” says Mag­gie. “I started with the master bed­room. I bought the mat­tress new, maybe a few ac­ces­sories, but for the most part, noth­ing else is new.” It’s all vin­tage, thrifted finds. For ex­am­ple, for the master bed­room, she turned a for­mer cof­fee ta­ble into a bench. Off came the Formica top, and us­ing her sewing and up­hol­stery skills, she made a cush­ion and a slip­cover.

Mag­gie is all about a good deal and is not above pulling some­thing off the curb ei­ther. A mid­cen­tury sofa set was one such score. “My mom’s neigh­bor was mov­ing out. It was a three-piece teal num­ber. My kids were lit­tle, my hus­band was de­ployed and I had to get a stor­age unit for the stuff I was col­lect­ing. I had a guy re­uphol­ster it. I had it for years. It was so cool.”

When the fam­ily was sta­tioned in Ger­many for two years, Mag­gie’s de­sign skills re­ally took off. “The aes­thetic there is more sleek now, so all the mid­cen­tury stuff is real cheap,” she says. The beau­ti­ful wood desk in her li­brary, for ex­am­ple, was a mere 10 euros (about $12 dol­lars at the time) and painted a hideous blue. “I fig­ured for $12 I could try to get the paint off. I was trans­lat­ing on my phone in the hard­ware store, try­ing to fig­ure out the Ger­man for ‘stain.’ I would write an­other blog­ger, ‘I need polyurethane! What is that in Ger­man?’ I had to mul­ti­con­ti­nent my DIYS.”

IN THE DINETTE AREA, the wood fur­ni­ture looks like a set, but “they are friends, not rel­a­tives,” says Mag­gie. She ex­plains, “The buf­fet was from Alabama. The lady was about to shab­by­chic paint it white, and I said ‘No, I’ll take it!’” The ta­ble and...

HOME­OWNER Mag­gie Overby, with her son in the back­ground.

THE PAINT­ING is paint-by-num­ber, part of a large col­lec­tion Mag­gie has. Note how she painted the trim black for con­trast against the white book­cases. The chairs on the fire­place are from an es­tate sale in New Or­leans. “I fi­nally had the right spot for...

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